Welcome to LiteCV
A Computer Vision Microservice

LiteCV is a simplified Computer Vision Microservice that lets you focus on your product idea and get it to market quickly.

Built for developers

We have a large collection of simple components that make it easy to develop your product

Simple integration

Designed as microservice, LiteCV can be integrated as a simple plug and play service

Documentation for everything

Extensive documentation for use cases like Face Analytics, Face Recognition, OCR and Text Localisation


Use pre-built templates
and build your product quickly

LiteCV is packaged with several pre-built samples like Face Recognition, OCR, Object Detection, License Plate Detection etc. More components are getting added each day.

50 +


24 / 7


100 %


Our customer success team
will help you get started with your first product

We aim to take care of you. Need help with defining the product architecture or just need a clarification about our documentation? We'll be there to lend a helping hand.

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Customised development for deep learning model training and algorithm development

Some products require customised training for deep learning models. Some might involve bespoke algorithm design. We can deliver your customised Computer Vision modules on the platform of your choice.


Get LiteCV and succeed with your Computer Vision product

Stop wasting time trying to figure the out the best way to build your first Computer Vision product. LiteCV is faster, easier, and gets you to the market quicker.

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